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The GEEKAY brand is well known for its high quality range of Copper & Aluminium Enamelled Winding Wires, made with 100% virgin materials using world-class technology at our state of the art manufacturing plants. Our products are available in industry standard specifications, as well as, can be customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. All our products meet international quality specifications and are UL certified.


Winding wires (also called Magnet Wires) are used to generate a magnetic field when current flows through them and this helps in conversion of electrical energy into other forms of energy like motion, sound, light, etc and vice versa.

Winding wires are basically classified by
• Metal type
• Conductor size and insulation thickness
• Type of insulation – this in turn depends on thermal class required and application of the wire.

The following are important characteristics of the wire
• Dimensional properties (Conductor and overall Diameter)
• Mechanical properties (Elongation, Springback, Coefficient of Friction)
• Electrical properties (Pin Hole, Break down Voltage)
• Thermal properties (Heat Shock, Cut Through)
• Insulation quality (Abrasion Resistance, Flexibility)
• Chemical properties (Resistance to Solvents that may be there in the application surroundings – Transformer Oil, Refrigerant, Water)

All these characteristics are essential. However, a wire cannot excel in all the properties in the same product, hence it is necessary to understand the application and relative importance of each of the characteristics in order to be able to choose the right product. Inline with the same, at GEEKAY we have a system driven, technology based and innovative solutions approach to help get maximum performance at the most economical cost.


Self Bonding Enamelled Wires are enamelled wires that allow coils to be bonded by heating or applying solvent during or after coil winding. A Self Bonding Enamelled Wire has an internal insulation layer & a bonding layer as the outside periphery. Self Bonding Enamelled Wires are provided with insulation properties at the insulation layer and coil fusion functionality at the fusion layer.


When enamelled wires needs to connected to the terminals, the coating normally has to be removed either chemically or mechanically. With UEW (Urethane enamelled wire) or self solderable wires, we can perform the connections without removing the coating in a separate process.

This especially find application in electronics industry, smaller wire sizes or where chances of contamination due to separate removal of coating affect the product performance. These wires can be of the following types

  • Class 130°C, 155°C, Class 180°C depending on thermal resistance required in the final product
  • Overcoat of Nylon can be provided for better windability and better abrasion resistance
  • Overcoat of self bonding layer can be provided as per product needs – especially for coreless winding, need for impregnation (but varnishing not advisable or feasible)


Due to excessive surge and voltage peaks during speed variation in inverter driven motors, a corona discharge is created in the stator windings, that induces extra thermal stress on the insulation, thereby causing excessive thermal ageing that weakens and decomposes the insulation, eventually leading to premature failure of the motors.

GEEKAY has introduced  Corona Resistance Wires, that are resistant to discharge induced deterioration, which results in increased life span of the motors. These wires finds application in all industrial motors controlled with inverter.




  • Do you feel lack of consistency in quality of magnet wire?
  • All properties are ok but there is an issue with runnability?
  • Do you face insertion problems during operation & supplier says wire is ok?
  • Do your operators sporadically complain of hardness in the wire?
  • Is color of each lot supplied to you different every time?
  • Are you concerned about the quality of raw material used by your supplier?
  • Are you looking for a supplier with strict 4M management?


  • Are you finding it difficult to strike a balance between quality and cost?
  • Are you willing to look at your overall cost, rather than just price of what you buy?
  • Are you okay with a higher price but a lower landed cost?
  • Do you want 100% transparency in costing and ethical pricing from your supplier?


  • Are you interested in JIT or frequent deliveries that can result in minimum inventory levels?
  • Are you looking at flexibility with speed in deliveries?
  • Do you want bigger spool size – to reduce scrap% and changeover time?
  • Do you face the problem of material getting damaged and the supplier is 
unable to offer a permanent solution?


  • Are you looking for a supplier with in depth knowledge of magnet wire & its application?
  • Are you looking for a supplier who can meet special requirements – specifications & 
  • Do you want to create special specifications – but your current supplier cannot meet 
  • Are you looking for a creative solution to your problems & your supplier is unable to contribute?


  • Are you looking for a supplier who follows SYSTEMS, not just on paper but also in spirit?
  • Are you tired of big promises but poor execution?
  • Are you looking for a sustainable solution – dependent on SYSTEMS and 
not people?



If you are looking for a Trusted Partner for your Winding Wire needs

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