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Do you face challenges in finding the right wires for your automobile electrical motor needs? If you face this problem regularly, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer the most comprehensive winding wires for Starters, Alternators, Small Motors (Power Windows, EPS, ABS, Wiper, etc), Horn, Speaker, Ignition Coil, etc.


  1. Class 130 polyester enamelled copper and aluminium wires
  2. Class 155 Modified polyester enamelled copper and aluminium winding wires
  3. Class 180 Poly Ester Imide coated copper and aluminium winding wires
  4. Class 200 dual coated (PEI+PAI) enamelled copper and aluminium winding wires
  5. Class 220 Poly Amide Imide enamelled copper and aluminium winding wires
  6. Self bonded wires of class 200, class 155, class 130 as per customised requirements
  7. Corona resistant wires for inverter driven motors

We keep adding new products to our portfolio, so if the product that you need is not mentioned above, please feel free to send a quick inquiry message to us and we will surprise you by how far we go to find a solution for you .


GEEKAY has an expertise of over 4 decades in supplying customized solutions to its customers. We make sure to eradicate all the loopholes starting from selecting the right raw material, to its manufacturing & packaging winding, so that the actual product which is delivered to our customers is exactly the one that they wanted. We never compromise with the quality, for us quality is a must factor and we have strict stringent policies to make sure our products are manufactured according to Indian Quality Standards. GEEKAY is amongst the first few in India to import the latest machinery from NewTech, Italy in 2010.

Our aim is to supply quality winding wires to our customers.

We believe in building Trusted Partnerships. At GEEKAY, we define partnering as an alignment of our technical, quality & service resources to support you in the development of world-class quality products.


  • Unpredictability of Business

The Supplier should have the flexibility of meeting a spike in requirements between season and off-season. The spike is at times 2X or more between season and off-season requirements. Understanding these needs, we at GEEKAY have created a flexible supply chain to meet these spikes in requirement.

  • Roughness of the Wire

The roughness of the wire can lead to weaker electrical properties and potential field failures. At GEEKAY, we take care with our special application methods to ensure a smooth wire surface which is a combination of best in class drawing machines and technology from Niehoff, Germany, the use of best quality wire lubricants for drawing, good quality dies, application felts and technology – a result of over 4 decades of quality experience.

  • Consistency in Wire Diameter

Customers often face problem of variation in the Wire Diameter. At GEEKAY, we have inline diameter measurement process to ensure consistency.

  • Just in Time Delivery (JIT)

Due to Winding Wires being a high-value product, many customers want a Just in Time (JIT) delivery. At GEEKAY, we have shortened our lead times with various time-motion studies and planning methods to provide JIT delivery service to our customers.

  • Short Lead Times

On account of different model requirements of the industry, your supplier must be able to shorten the lead times. At GEEKAY, we have shortened our lead times with various time-motion studies and planning methods to provide JIT delivery service to our customers.

  • Consistency & Accuracy with Weight Measurement

Most suppliers have a tendency to manipulate the weight of spools (weighing wrapper, misreporting tare weight). At GEEKAY, we give 100% accuracy of weight and you only pay for what is actually delivered and usable.

  • Good Electrical Properties

BDV and Pin Hole which is necessary to give a good quality product and ensure no field returns due to wire quality. At GEEKAY we have online pinhole testing to enhance the reliability of our products.

  • Hardness in Wire Supplied

Hardness in Wire Supplied leads to difficulty in using the product. The coil is not able to fit in the space provided. This could be due to many reasons not easily understood or solved by suppliers. We at GEEKAY use special lubrication and wire softening evaluation techniques to counter this problem.


GEEKAY is proud to be associated with industry-leading brands in the automotive sector such as DENSO, VALEO, LUCAS-TVS, INEL, MITSUBA, MINDA, SANDEN and AUTO-LEK. Our customers have relied upon us for decades for their winding wire needs.


  • Over 4 decades of Expertise
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • World Class Manufacturing Technology
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Customized Solutions
  • Systems Driven Process
  • Customer Service Focus
  • Good Financial Ratings from CRISIL (BBB+) & D&B (4A2)

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